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Welcome to the All Shores Outreach podcast page.  We hope that you find messages of information and inspiration from missionaries around the world and people serving locally and globally to bring about justice, mercy, and evangelism.

Mar 27, 2020

Dr. Addison

In this Episode:

An interview with Dr. Scott Addison, local physician and director of Global Partners Health Network.

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Take the time to create a card or letter, take a photo of it, take a photo of yourself and email both to  Here is a list of our current partners:

Dave and Dina Horne (Europe)
Luke, Kyla, Graeson, and Owen (Europe)
Rich and Deb Stinehart (Europe)
Ben, Sharon, Micah, Zoe, and Anna Ward (Asia)
Cory, Jen, and LeYanna Ellison (Mongolia)
Ben, Diana, and Abigal Veurink (Colombia)
Audrey Gray (Colombia)
Edgar, Erika, Gabriel, Aliana, and Caleb Gomez (Mexico)
David, Kate, three children (Karis People Group)
Marissa Knoll (Zambia)
Makayla Rimes (Dearborn)

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